Hacienda Napoles

dsc01648dsc01650The good news is the roads to get to Hacienda Napoles were about the best I had seen in Colombia. Scenic, not too much traffic and curvy.  I found a hotel in the nearby town of Doradal. Hacienda Napoles was once the luxurious estate owned by drug lord Pablo Escobar.  Now open as a zoo and Jurassic Park style theme park.  It is in much disrepair and after entering I immediately regretted my decision. There was no clear direction around the 7 square mile estate. I weaved in and out of the dirt and rock roads with my motorcycle.   I was looking for the area that had some of Pablo Escobar’s old burnt out cars and other things that were left behind.  The conditions of the Zoo just became worse the farther I went. Because of the heat and not finding anything interesting I decided to continue to my next destination. Disappointed.

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