dsc01564dsc01559As I drove north to Medellin I quickly realized it was going to be a long day. Traffic was very heavy and every few miles there was construction backups. With all my motorcycle gear on it was really hot, especially when sitting for 15 minutes in the sun waiting for my turn to proceed through the construction zone. I arrived in Medellin during late afternoon rush hour with one goal in mind. Get a hotel. Pure insanity is all I can say. To many people and not enough space. Groups of small motorcycles sped past me on both sides where ever they would fit in between the cars. At one point there were a group of 20 motorcycles just in front of me. They took up the space of maybe 3 cars clustered together. Cars were bumper to bumper and changing lanes seemed almost impossible. My first impressions of Medellin were not good. Medellin is a very progressive city. Most of the people you see around the city are young. The architecture and interior decorating is very modern, which I liked. But at the end of the day this was not a city for me. Although interesting it may be worth a visit again when I have more time.



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